What should I expect when renting a car in Costa Rica?

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Hertz Rent A Car Costa Rica will give you a very good customer service and support.

Another important question.

You should expect (and receive) a very good customer service and support.

Costa Rica is known as the happiest place on earth and even do we are not perfect, we will try to make you fell home, safe and part of the family.

That´s why we are know as the #PuraVida people.

That's the way CostaRicans are.

But there are many other things that you need to keep an eye when renting a car in Costa Rica.

How long it’s needed to rent a car in Costa Rica?

Well, it basically depends, in many factors. If you are a frequent visitor and you know the process, then no more than 5 minutes.

But is you are a newbie and you don’t make your research, this experience could take more time So make your research before hand and take your time.

Road conditions: Make sure the car selected is according to the road conditions of your destinations.

Even do, most of the roads in Costa Rica are paved, some of then are not and require a car with extra clearance. One of the most commonly mistakes is the people don't find out about the roads.

Ask your hotel, house o condo about it, they should give you this details.

Also there are many travel posts that mention about this topics.

Remember that you are responsible for any car damages, including bottom of the car.

Some places in Costa Rica, like, Playa Nosara, Playa Langosta, Monteverde are OK in the downtown surroundings but getting there is a nightmare

Don't take any chances, just go for the right car for the right place.

Transit Police: The transit police very strict, here and the are on their right and responsibility of pull you over when your committed any infraction or when they need to check for driver license and passport (remember, you need to carry both all the time).

When an infraction is made, you will have to pay an extra fee of 30%, doesn't matter if you pay for it at the bank or on the actual rent a car office, you will always have to pay this 30% extra.

This extra tax contribute to one of the children institute in Costa Rica, name PANI.

My suggestion is: if you have a transit ticket; do not offer cash to any of the officers, just get the ticket, sign for it and pay it at the back of the rent a car office.

Some of the fees are:

Not wearing a seat belt: ¢94.000/$170 (aprox)

Using the cell phone while driving: ¢280.000/$499(aprox) OUCH!!!!

Driving 20 kmph over the speed limit: ¢47.000/$84(aprox)

Driving 40 kmph over the speed limit: ¢189.000/$337(aprox)

Driving with your driving license after 90 days in the country: ¢94.000/$168(aprox)

all of this + 30% tax.

Will refer in another topic about coverage and responsibilities in Costa Rica

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